Dependable and detail oriented formal inspection analysis related to structural integrity, mechanical equipment, and primary operating systems are the key elements of facilities information and knowledge. A professionally prepared information base gives the facility manager the power to transform the “Reactive” and costly response to the more economical “Proactive” maintenance plan.

The total building envelope, including grounds, structure, and operating system inspection analysis is one of the most essential components of a successful management plan.

Each management association, or building owner, has a very specific reason for having a professional inspection analysis conducted, and they are not all the same. It is however all related to knowledge and the “Bottom Line”.

A properly conducted inspection analysis should always begin with a planning and communication session involving the management association, or building owner, and the facilities manager. This meeting is generally conducted to discuss particular areas, items, or concerns that should be included in the analysis.

Often neglected in the inspection analysis process is direct access. Preparation to ensure the facility inspector has access to all areas to be inspected or evaluated is of critical importance the day, or days, which the analysis is to take place on site.

Also, documentation related to previous inspections should be supplied to the inspection firm to assist in History recognition.